We manufacture and supply blocks, slabs and tiles made of Botticino marble and other local marbles including Verona Red, White and Pink Perlino of Asiago, Carrara, Brecce and other Brazilian marbles and granites.

Marble manufacture and supply in Chiampo, in the province of Vicenza

The finest marbles available for many creations

The new website of Italian General Stone S.r.l., a company specialized in manufacturing and supplying marble in Chiampo for many creations in Italy and abroad, presents various types of marbles supplied by the company, which might be used in a variety of ways. This special material has remarkable morphologic features. If you fill out the specific form in the quote page, you may ask for the prices of the various products. Getting in touch with the company is easy and quick: just call the phone numbers provided and the staff will get back to you as soon as possible, also in English.

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Italian General Stone S.r.l.

The company from Chiampo has gone far away

The company Italian General Stone S.r.l. has been showing its professionalism for many years. It has always provided its Italian and foreign clients with assistance and kindness, while manufacturing and supplying marble in Chiampo. This passion has been cultivated and passed down from generation to generation together with the respect for the clients, who are interested in a very precious and valuable material like marble. Great attention is focused on the whole process, from the quarry to the manufacture of the marble blocks, their exhibition, design and supply: everything is guaranteed by the staff. The company exports all over the world and the clients are more and more satisfied, everywhere in the world. The ability to interpret the requests of its careful and demanding clients, with different and specific tastes, widens the horizon and improves the offers presented by the staff day by day.

About us
Production marbles


From the purest to the most coloured ones

These marbles aim to make the working and living environment unique, with a inimitable and refined touch of prestige. Manufacturing and supplying marble in Chiampo, blocks, slabs and tiles made of Botticino marble and other local marbles including the Rosso Verona, the Bianco and Rosa Perlino of Asiago, the Carrara, the Brecce and further Brazilian marbles and granites. Marbles with unique colours and veins that decorate the rooms where they are. From low-key to brightest colours, which create the most interesting contrasts for the most demanding clients. Many opportunities to use marble to create artworks for sculptors and aficionados. It is possible to find the most suitable material asking the specialized staff of the company or through the many tools available, including this website and its dedicated sections.

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Flooring production


Many solutions for every floor

A marble floor gives a unique and refined touch to every place. It gives the opportunity to improve not only the aesthetic value of a property, thanks to accurate projects designed by very skilled professionals.
The infinite furniture opportunities are guaranteed by the unique and special veins and colours of marble, which might be combined according to one’s taste. 
Refined indoor or outdoor floors may be created all over the world, because the company exports its marbles to many countries, by sea or land.
Floors for large buildings, which require huge quantities of material. The clients are provided with a very careful service from the quarry to the delivery point.
A marble floor is a guarantee of uniqueness and beauty.

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Realization marble


Guaranteed constant manufacture

The continuous productivity of the quarry enables the company to have high quality marble in various colours.
The manufacturing process is continuous and constant and enables the company to export its Italian marbles and not only all over the world. The commercial network improves the manufacturing process and increases the turnover through the sales abroad and in Italy.
Managing the whole manufacturing process in loco allows the staff to have a deep knowledge about the peculiarities of this special material and its best uses.
The company produces both whole blocks and stones in various sizes. The generosity of nature guarantees a continuous production, resulting in unique and inimitable products.

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Certified marble

CE marking

The technical specification of the materials

Detailed specifications for every type of marble available, including the main features. In addition to being in compliance with the law, such specifications are perfect to have the necessary information about the material in its variations. Specifications like resistance and strength are crucial to understand the features of the material. Every type of marble has a different resistance to the weather conditions, for example a marble variety for an outdoor area must have different features than a marble variety to be used indoors. The specifications are available to the clients to offer the highest level of transparency in the field, where unfortunately adulterations are quite common. Being a professional and serious company means respecting the rules, the employees and, therefore, the clients.

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Communicating the value of the company

Italian General Stone S.r.l. has been awarded by many international magazines for its top quality services and customer care. This company, with solid professional bases and a deep passion for the variety and morphology of marble has become famous all over the world. The company is available to give ideas to the various architecture and design magazines in Italy and abroad, which are willing to approach and write about this refined material with many features and uses, which is increasingly popular in the international market. The company issues press releases during the exhibitions it participates to, in order to attract international attention on this topic. The Made in Italy is always unique and professional in this sector.

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