Features and technical specifications

Italian General Stone S.r.l. is one of the first companies in Italy to affix the CE marking on its products. 

The CE marking in Chiampo, in addition to being compulsory by law, reflects the aim of the company to approach a more and more demanding and competitive market where the certifications, research, analysis and development are crucial. The CE marking in Chiampo is subject to careful lab analysis to reach the standards like the resistance through flexure, the absorption, the porosity, resistance to frosting and other important features.
Such features make the various types of marbles suitable for some specific manufacturing processes or uses. The choice of the most suitable material is followed by the specialized staff, ready to provide the clients with all the assistance they need to make the correct choice. The choice of the suitable marble, therefore, must consider also the structural features of the stone. This material keeps its specifications constant over time if it is correctly maintained. Polishing and sanding processes are periodically recommended to enhance the quality of the material for a long time.
Here are the CE specifications of the materials manufactured by Italian General Stone S.r.l., available for the clients:

Grey Diamond

Esame Petrografico / Petrographic Examination



 Massa volumetrica apparente / Apparent volumetric mass2714 kg/m3 
 Assorbimento d'acqua / Water absorption0,04 % in massa / mass
 Resistenza a compressione monoassiale con direzione di applicazione del
carico perpendicolare al piano dell'anisotropia / Uniaxial compressive
strength in the direction of load application perpendicular to the plane
 79 MPa
Resistenza a trazione indiretta mediante flessione con carico concentrato,
con direzione di applicazione del carico perpendicolare al piano
dell'anisotropia / Indirect traction resistance through flexure with
concentrated load, direction of load application perpendicular to the plane
 19,6 MPa
Coefficiente di resistenza all'abrasione relativo al granito di San Fedelino /
Coefficient of resistance to abrasion on the granite of San Fedelino
Resistenza all'urto: altezza minima di caduta / Impact resistance:
minimum fall height
 21 cm
Coefficiente di dilatazione lineare termica / Coefficient of linear thermal
 6.7 * 10-6 ∙ °C-1
Microdurezza Knoop (HK medio) / Microhardness Knoop (HK average) 1683 MPa