Outdoor and indoor marble floors and coatings

If you choose to have your marble floor in Chiampo made by Italian General Stone S.r.l.,not only will you have the chance to see an extremely refined and beautiful material but also to live it every day. It is easy to clean and maintain and the floors are unique because of the veins enhanced by the manufacturing process. According to how the marble is cut, some very special and unique veins may be underlined and enlightened.

Marble floors are used in the halls, to decorate the bathrooms and create unique flat floors or outer parts of buildings. Using such a prestigious material increases the value of the property: for this reason when someone has to renovate an apartment, often chooses a solution with marble.

Requested and used since the very old times, marble has made some areas in Italy very famous in the world for its quarries. The company Italian General Stone S.r.l. wants to reach the same standards with its marble floors in Chiampo.